Our History

The Marshall B. Bass Children’s Fund was founded in December 1997 as a designated agency of the United Way of Forsyth County. The Fund was established with a generous financial commitment from Mr. Bass and more than a year of preparation and planning under the direction of United Way president Ron Drago.

With support from the United Way, The Fund’s Advisory Committee sought, and was granted, federal and state tax-exempt status and on November 19, 1999 The Fund became an independent tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

bass-and-kidsEstablishing The Fund continued a long commitment by Marshall Bass to the success of children. In 1988 he made a substantial investment to help launch the Best Choice Center in Winston-Salem. In 1996 he established The Marshall B. Bass Best Choice Center Endowment Fund at The Winston-Salem Foundation. The Endowment Fund provides tuition to deserving families with more than one child enrolled at the Best Choice Center.

Through his work with the Best Choice Center Mr. Bass decided to focus his private philanthropy on the needs of organizations that serve children. After many years of study and practice in helping improve the techniques used by organizations to accomplish their missions he saw that organizations that focused on strengthening their ability to manage consistently produced the best results. Thus, the mission of The Marshall B. Bass Children’s Fund is to strengthen the management capability of organizations that serve children.

Guided by a strong, seasoned board of directors The Marshall B. Bass Children’s Fund continues to implement its mission throughout Forsyth County, North Carolina.